Mobile App Industry Benchmarks for Week Ending Sep 13


  • Overall CPM rates crested mid-August, dipped between August 16-31, rose again from September 1-7, and flattened out the past 7 days. Much of the CPM rise from August 16-31 can be attributed to Puzzle, Card, and Simulation game genres.
  • CPM by Geo – since peaking mid-August, overall MAI CPMs in the United States have stabilized whereas other key Geos, CA, DE, ES, FR, UK, have continued their CPM climbs into September.
  • CPM by Genre
    • Casual Games: $16.00 – up 16.2% from two weeks ago $13.77
      • Casual games continue their upward trend over the past 4 weeks CPM.
    • Simulation Games: $13.99 – down a massive 41.5% from two weeks ago $23.93
      • Exceptional relief for the genre, now at the lowest mark since late July.
    • Adventure Games: $29.79 – up 29.4% from two weeks ago $23.02
      • After two weeks of stability in the sub-$25 range, Adventure now spikes to near $30 and stands alone as the highest CPMs of all Gaming Categories.
    • Word Games: $14.23 – down 6.7% from two weeks ago $15.26
      • Word Games maintaining stability since mid-August with a continued CPM decline over the past two weeks.
    • Puzzle Games: $23.00 – up 16.9% from two weeks ago $19.67
      • Although stable the past 7 days, Puzzle games continue their upward streak in CPM and take the overall 2nd place slot away from Simulation games.
    • Card Games: $9.17 – up 9.2% from two weeks ago $8.40
      • After an eye-watering 80% increase in mid-August, Card games have mostly stabilized the past three weeks with a slight increase in the month of September.


  • Overall CTR touched the highest point of the year in the first week of September at 0.95% then pulling back to 0.90% in week two. Much of the CPI increase can be attributed to IT, DE, and FR traffic.


  • CPIs continue to spike, now breaking through the $30 mark at $30.69. CPI in Italy is at a 4x increase since late July. While the US, Germany, and Spain remain relatively stable, CPIs are markedly up in Canada and the UK over the past two weeks.